The Volkswagen GTI Rabbit edition has made a comeback in 2019. We’ve had a taste of how great the previous GTI Rabbits were. They have stood the test of time and prove to be great vehicles even if they have been produced way back then.

Do you have another GTI Rabbit in your garage and would want to add to your collection? Are you just looking for a car to buy? We can help you with that.

Today, the Volkswagen GTI Rabbit is back as a special edition for 2019 and they are only going to produce 3000 units. Let’s help you figure out whether it’s a good buy or not by telling you what’s to love and not love about it.

Things To Love

Let’s start things with a positive note so let’s first focus on the things you are likely to love about the 2019 GTI Rabbit.

The Engine

One of the things most people love about this car is under the hood. It sports a 2L engine with 28 horsepower plus 258 lb/ft of torque. For its price tag and class, it is great because it is a quick one.

The Drive Setup

This vehicle is front-wheel drive and even if it isn’t as capable as the all-weather Golf R, it still is quick to react when turning. Due to the limited-slip differential, which is electronically controlled, this Rabbit has great grip, especially when going through turns. Its ability to turn and maintain the grip without understeering is something to look forward to.

Aesthetic Value

Aesthetics is subjective. However, we still liked that with this, you still can’t help but reminisce about the older Rabbit models. The vehicle is available in 4 colors and each one looks great. However, if we’re to pick a favorite, it would definitely be the Cornflower Blue one. The unique color stands out but in a good way.

Plaid seats are quite uncommon in cars. However, it works really well for this vehicle. The upholstery looks cool and ties up really well to the interior of the vehicle.

What’s To Hate

There are always two sides to things. So after telling you what thing to love about it, we’ll move on to the things you’re likely to hate about it. Again, some may not find these as deal breakers but you should still note them down.

Lack Of Adaptive Dampers

One of the things that failed to be included in the Rabbit’s checklist is the adaptive dampers. These would have greatly helped in the driving experience. With such, it could have been a more comfortable ride and better handling experience. However, it’s understandable that you could modify this if you really want a 2019 Rabbit.

No DSG Gearbox

Volkswagen is known for using DSG gearbox but for the standard Rabbit, this isn’t included. However, higher models do have this. The presence of the DSG gearbox could have made this car more fun to drive. However, this 7-speed is still fun to drive.

Final Thoughts

The 2019 Volkswagen GTI Rabbit is a limited edition vehicle and there are only 3000 units available. You will certainly love a lot of things about it but there are also things you would hate. It would be more of the lack of things that causes the hate.

However, such a lack is easy to modify. You can also choose the higher models if you really want to get those that are missing from this vehicle. All in all, this car is a good purchase. It drives well and is built for quality but is still practical.