The VW Golf has been in production since 1974 and it has gone through many, MANY different changes through the years.

At present, the eight-generation is in production. This is the Volkswagen Golf hatchback or the Mark 8.  While many of the current features bare typical VW design elements found on the entire manufacturing lineup, much of the stylings have remained consistent over the years…

Volkswagen Golf Mark 8 Exterior

Since the first year of production, there has already been around 35 million Volkswagen Golf that has been produced. The Mark 8 is the latest version, which replaces the Mark 7 predecessor.

Looking from the exterior, there are only a few changes when it comes to styling, making this car look very familiar with the previous model. However, there are still noteworthy changes in this latest model.

Before we focus on what has changed, let us first tell you what remains. First of all, there is only a slight change in the dimensions of the vehicle. The overall length is longer for about an inch and the width and height are only slightly reduced.

Interior Changes To The Golf Mark 8

Even if it looks similar from the outside, the Volkswagen Golf is different in the interior. It is fitted with a futuristic digital touchscreen, which allows control over various options like climate control and the sunroof. Apart from the touch screen interface is voice-activated control as well. These combined make the VW not only intuitive but also fast in providing infotainment. Space is also very efficient with this car. There is enough legroom to feel comfortable even for long trips.

Talking about long trips, the vehicle is also fitted with suspension that ensures it is firmly planted on the road whether it’s on an even or uneven surface. The optional Dynamic Chassis Control helps improve even an aggressive ride, making the trip more comfortable. It is also fitted with electric power steering.

As for the engine, the Volkswagen Golf has a 2-liter TDI engine with 150 hp. It impressively speeds up from 0-62 mph in as little as 8.8 seconds. Various options for engines will also be available in the near future. Engines range from a 90-hp 3-cylinder TSI engine to a powerful 300hp engine for the Golf R. Currently, only the GTI and the Golf are the models that would be available for the US market.