There is just something about doing car mods that makes the bond between the owner and the car stronger. Mods make your car more suitable not only for your preferences but also for your driving style.

That’s why you shouldn’t just do any car mods to your vehicle without thinking things through.

Although we say that car mods are more of a personal thing, there is still nothing wrong with checking out what others are doing to their own Volkswagens Rabbits whether it is the first generation or the seventh. You don’t have to follow their mods but you might get an idea out of it. Additionally, you might discover that you also need the mods they’re doing for their vehicles.

With that, we rounded up some of the most popular mods people do for their MK7 to give you an idea of what you can do with yours too. The mods here are written in no particular order.

Performance Software Tuning

Software used for performance tuning can significantly improve your hp and torque. If you are willing to spend, this software is really worth the money.

There are a few companies that are leading in this field including Revo, APR, and Eurodyn. Different people have different opinions on which one is the best.

However, the most important thing is to find a reputable software dealer to help you out with it.

Intake System

Some people choose to modify their intake system while others think that it’s not really a big deal. The key here is a balance between performance, efficiency, and comfort. With that, there are plenty of aftermarket alternatives that can take the place of your stock air filter.

If you really want to maximize the power increase, then you should choose to modify your whole intake system and not just focus on the stock filters.

Exhaust Improvements

Modifying your exhaust system can lead to not only a better sound but also performance improvements.

And while different exhaust systems come with different price tags, many, like myself, suggest at least getting a downpipe with a high flow cat. The cat helps to make sure that you don’t have any emission inspection issues.

Front Mount Intercooler

To ensure that heat dissipates, you may need to modify your front mount intercooler. With all your other mods, you should also ensure that the other parts can handle them.

With turbo cars, it can run slower or feel that it has less power when it is a hot day, especially if the front mount intercoolers are not optimized.

With an improved intercooler, more power can be generated because there is cool air available for the engine.


In order to improve handling, you can lower the suspension of your MK7 GTI. With this modification, you can either choose to use springs or coilovers.

If you are in a tight budget, your best bet would be the springs.

However, there is a downside to them and that is the need to tune the shocks to the ride height you are aiming for. This is usually not a big deal if you are not trying to go too low.

On the other hand, coilovers are better when you really want to adjust the ride height of your car. They come at various prices but may be more expensive than springs. There are also entry-level ones that are not that expensive and can give you the ride height you require.

However, you should carefully choose them and expect that better handling would be offered by more expensive coilover setups.