You’ve spent countless hours lowering the suspension on your 1995 VW Hatchback, upgraded the clutch and installed an updated turbo. The red paint has been waxed and polish to a glass-like shine.

Exhaust manifold has been replaced, and it’s now purring like a tiger after a bowl of warm milk.

After months of preparation it’s finally ready for the big show.

Now all that’s left is the act of driving your show car to the show.

WHOA!! Hold on a minute!!!

Driving.  Your show car.  To the show?


This calls for an intervention.

Take it from me:  you’re going to want to transport your Rabbit and not drive your car to show.

Sure it’s fun driving your car you’ve spent so much time on, but don’t do it before a show for Chrissakes!

Look, it might cost a little money, and it’s a hassle unloading and loading the sonofabitch, but…

Where are your priorities!?

Not that we’ve got that out of the way, the next question is:  how are you going to do it?

The answer really depends on how serious you are about your little hobby…

Hire A Pro

If you’ve got a little cash and want shit done right.  Get yourself a professional to do the job.   A good outfit will have the insurance, equipment, and experience moving high-value cars like yours.

This option comes in two flavors:

  • Open Auto Transport
  • Covered Auto Transport

Open auto transport work is usually performed by a towing service or roadside assistance company.

It’s relatively cheap, but you really need to do your research on the company before committing.

The good-news is:  once you’ve used them successfully, you can keep using them.

Covered auto transport costs are significantly higher, but – as the name implies – your car will be protected from the elements during the trip.

Personally I’ve been using a decent towing service in Kansas City called Clockwork Towing Company for my needs the past 2 years, and haven’t had any issues, although last year in fall there was a huge June-bug squashed in the middle of my windshield that I had to put some work in to detail it out.

If you’ve decided to go this route, here’s a great summary on the mistakes to avoid looking for a good transportation service

DIY Towing

If you’ve got access to a truck, and a trailer, and the proper hold downs, you’ve got what it takes to transport your car on your own.

Although not cheap, it’s quite a bit less expensive than the 1st option.

Now while I know plenty of people that swear by DIY, it’s just too much of a pain in the ass for me, especially for show-class cars.  I think it’s a great option if your picking up an old VW beater to rehab, but even then – you really do need to know what you’re doing.

First time I attempted DIY for example, I scratched the shit out of my rear quarter panel with the hold-downs I was using, and just for a kick in the nuts, my rear exhaust manifold bracket broke loose while unloading!

Final Thoughts

At the very least, today I’ve hopefully changed some minds about driving your show car to the show.

Although it’s an added cost, you’re going to thank yourself for the amount of time saved re-prepping your car after a long drive.