Are you into car modifications? We’re not just talking about a paint job here but modifications to improve performance as well. As with our previous post, there are several ways on how you can modify your Rabbit. Are you considering installing a cold air intake as one of them?

Cold air intake is a popular modification not only for VW Rabbits but also for other vehicles. It is done because it can improve the driving performance of the vehicle. If you really want to boost performance, there are many things you can do like buying aftermarket bolt-on accessories or new exhaust systems, turbo boosters, and superchargers.

Although they can greatly improve a car’s performance, those things are quite costly. Additionally, it will take time to completely install and test all the parts or modifications.

This is why cold air intake is quite popular. You see, it is not as expensive as the other modifications and it is also much easier to install.

What Is Cold Air Intake?

The cold air intake is an aftermarket part that you install to provide the internal combustion engine with cooler air. This is made possible by installing the air filter in a compartment that is outside of the engine. This allows cooler air to be available for the engine’s use.

The reason why you would want cooler air is that it contains more oxygen. As we know, oxygen, fuel, and heat or spark are needed for combustion. The more oxygen there is, the more efficient the combustion is and that would also mean more power for the engine.

Usually, the filter is positioned at the upper wheel well. Sometimes, it can also be found near the fender. In those areas, the filter has more access to flowing cooler air because it is far from the engine that could heat up the surrounding air.

Cool air intakes are designed to replace the filter box. Instead, they use intake tubes that have a bigger diameter. These don’t only help provide cooler air but they also provide uninterrupted airflow.

Benefits Of Using Cold Air Intakes

Using cold air intake is a modification that is recommended by many mechanics to car owners who want to improve their vehicle’s performance. It is a modification that both older and newer cars can benefit from. Here are some of the benefits of using cold air intake:

Additional Horsepower

The power produced by the engine is affected by the amount of air that is used during combustion. Due to more oxygen in cold air, there is also more fuel that is burned. That makes the engine more efficient. The exact number of horsepower added will vary depending on how your car is configured. It could range from 5 to 12 additional horsepower.

Better Acceleration

As a driver, you’ll feel the benefits of using cold air intake when you push the gas pedal. It can make the car feel more responsive and it can help you reach the speeds you want quickly. If you want your car to accelerate faster, then it is a great idea to install a cold air filter

Improved Gas Mileage

Another benefit of using cold air intake is the improvement of gas mileage. The right amount of oxygen mixed with the right amount of fuel is very important when it comes to combustion. If there isn’t enough oxygen, more fuel can be consumed without efficiently burning it.

When there is more oxygen available, there is a better air-fuel ratio. That means that the fuel is burned efficiently and your engine is able to produce power without wasting the fuel. Additionally, that saves you some gas money too.

Feisty Engine Roar

Are you one of those who simply love to listen to an engine’s roar? With a cold air intake installed, your engine will have a better throaty growl. That’s something many car enthusiasts desire to hear when they step on the gas pedal.

Save On Filters

Do you know how often you should change the air filters on your car? Usually, the filters for the factory air intake systems need to be replaced every 15000 miles or so. However, cold air intakes are better because they don’t really require replacement. You just have to clean them with soapy water every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

So Are They Worth The Upgrade?

Considering the benefits, price, and easy installation of cold air intakes, it is pretty clear that they are a great way to modify your vehicle to improve its performance. It also saves you money on gas and filter replacements. Plus, you also get to hear your car roar better when you rev the engine.