If you planning to buy a Volkswagen Rabbit there are lot of things you should consider before buying them. From understanding the parts to the body of the car can help you make the right decision. Try to understand that the Volkswagen Rabbit might seem inexpensive but the parts required for it work is expensive. You typical auto owner might require some extra skill to help fix the Volkswagen Rabbit for you.

What to look for

One of the main things you should look for besides the bouncing on the bumpers and rust is to always look for boots on all the suspension parts. Try to check the CV boots, ball joint boots, tie rod boots. It is important that you look under the car for the frame where the two fuel lines go through. Try to make sure that the rubber grommet around these lines are not damaged as replacing them is a lot of effort.

Check for the injectors, wiggle them slightly and see if they can be easily removed without any tools, Start the car and then shut it off to see the warmth produced.  Also hear for any weird sounds that the car might produce as it can be due to vacuum leak which has cracked due to dry rotting.

Test drive the car before purchase and try to do a hard turn and see if the car stalls out. Check for the hose inside the gas tank which definitely needs to be replaced. Now check for the seats and the interior of the car. The design of the rabbit is very similar to most cars but the main problem is the parts used are not very common.

Buying a high mileage rabbit

If you are buying a high milage rabbit make sure that the engine is right as it can often get worn. Replace the piston rings and the pins. Check for nay compression in the car. Try to pull the motor and look for any worn out parts which is easier if the motor is lifted. There are no subframes which can be removed as this gives you the right access to the underside of the car.

Buying a low mileage Rabbit

Maintaining a low mileage rabbit is just as difficult as maintaining the high mileage rabbit. The initial check is a must, which can help in the smooth functioning. Try to make sure that the rubber boots have not dried up and there are no cracking. If the damage is limited you can easily replace most of the part. Until an unless the car was neglected for a long period if time you would not have to replace the hardware.