Well, over a month has passed since the  Truck got its new motor, and all is well. the engine is now at
about 1700 miles. All the repairs are now done except for A few little things here or there. you can
check out a few video clips of it in my video clip "vw pickup music video".  I need to add some sound
insulation to the engine bay, and add an amp for some better sounding tunes, but Its filling its new roll
as my primary car very well. I hope to add a second car soon so I can go back to just weekends with the
Pickup, but for now, It Me and TRUCKZILLA!
Here She is in 2005 with over 13k on the new
motor. Engines doing fine, But the wiring still
gives me headaches every once and a while.
Damn those 80 models!
The Rebuilt Motor all nice and cosy in its new
home, Under the Hood of my