8-11-13.  Well friends, the time has come to say goodbye. I've been running the Rusty Rabbit now for
close to 12 years, and in that time I've helped hundreds, if not thousands of Rabbit owners fix up their
little cars. Sadly I can no longer keep up with it. I'm hoping to turn over site to someone who can.
Good luck to all of you out there in WWW land, and If you happen to see a 79 Silver Rabbit C rolling down
the road, with a slightly crazed looking dude chewing on a cigar behind the wheel, Well it may just be Me.
Erik Owner of the Rusty rabbit!

   Keep on riding those great VW's!

7-11-09 Ok, 2009 is worse then I thought it would be.  BUT, The Rusty Rabbit is still kicking. I hope
everyone had a good spring, and that all your VW restos are going strong.
 I cleaned up the links section, added the archive of another Radio show, and added 2 new how to videos
to the video site.

1-3-09  Well, Its another year down the crapper.  I've had to update my E-mail Address, so you should
update your info on me. I was getting about 2000 spam mail a day from mother Russia! I considered
starting world war 3, but in the end I decided that a E-mail change would be cheaper.
Its been tough times here at TheRustyRabbit, as I'm sure most of you are feeling the pinch. But I'm still
here.  I've thought about shutting down the shop, and the site, but many people expressed a need for it.
So for now it will remain. I do have a 1/2 hour video I need to upload that covers the removal and repairs
you may need to preform on doors. I also included a section on speaker installation for you thumpy

Lets hope 09 isn't as bad as I think its going to be!

4-20-08 Oh YES, Whoo hoo! after 7 years of slow ass dial-up and impossible updates. Moncure,NC  has
got DSL!
here is a update to get all the files back on the site. and now with high speed. updates will be much more


2-6-2008 OK, here is another update. The site is closing in on 2gig in size, so its hard for me to figure out
exactly what still needs work!
I added two new Rabbit related videos, and links in both thee video area as well as the links section for a
site that contains all the videos I have worked on, written or stared in over the years. I hope you will check
them out. I also added a few new "VW Poster girls", and a new page in the resto section covering CB
radios. If anyone noticed the site was almost down for a day for the first time in 4 1.2 years yesterday as I
updated it. It took 14 hours to upload it to the web.
To the MANY people who have E-mailed and called me over the years Thanks! I can't possibly answer all
the E-mails, but I hope you can understand I try to at all times.

1-20-2008 Yup, I'm still alive. The Last year and a half has been crazy. I still have my love for Rabbits, but
my time has been mostly consumed by other stuff. I Produced, acted in, and edited a Film last year, and it
was released last October. Since it was released, it has enjoyed a cult following on the web. After its
completion, I was tired of sitting in from of a computer, So I kinda dropped all my internet ventures. I did
however take on a few new car projects. None of them were VW's however, so I will spare you the details.
Little by little I would take a hour or two to tweek this site, and I think its time for an update. I also noticed
the intrest in this site is still growing there are now 40,000 visits ! thats a shit load.

So anyway. I hope in 08 you continue to enjoy the site, and get a lot of good info from it.

7-20-06 Holy Smokes! Sorry for the long absence... I've been busy with that nagging little thing called real
But! There are a bunch of updated pages to make up for the delay. I've added a whole section to Show
the Project car I just recently finished. Click on the silver car at the main page to get there. Its got tons of
photos and info on the three year trip into the inner workings of A Rabbit. Next up, SIX new VW Poster
girls pages! lots of treats in there including the return of my favorite girl. I also updated some info in the
tech section regarding Steering and suspension, as well as breaks. And finally thanks to submissions,
I've added two new brouchures to the archive. One for the 1981 VW pickup, and another for the 19??
On another subject the site is just shy of its 20,000th visitor!!!!  That just blows me away. What A great time
I've had running this place and hearing from all the loyal Rusty Rabbit Owners out there.
                                                                           THANKS ! ! ! !

3-20-06 Another update. A ton more pictures added to the other peoples car section, updates, and content
revisions. A new page in the tips and tricks section on adding a cold air intake or "Ram Air" system to
your diesel. And a section for Viewer submissions. I should have several new additions to "Rusty Rabbit
School of Repair" soon Just finishing up some video editing. Stay tuned.
And I want to thank ALL of you out there in VW community. we are over 15000 hits now. Thats more hits
then I thought  drive rabbits in 2006! We remain the #1 VW Rabbit fan page on Yahoo, MSN, and damn
close at #5 on Google.
Its great to see such interest in Rabbits in 2006, and Its good to be making new friends all over the world
with this site.
You keep coming and I'll keep updating!

3-16-06 Happy 2006! Work here at the Rusty Rabbit has continued at a good pace due to the mild winter
we had here in NC. The silver 1979 Rabbit is almost ready for paint, and then..... ITS DONE!    I've updated
the look of the main page a bit, changed the colors to match the rest of the site, and updated a few
pictures. Hope everyone likes. I also added 6 new VW Rabbit and Pickup articles and reviews to the VW
Brochures section. Check it out!  
I'll also be adding 3 new videos to the "Official Rusty Rabbit School Of Repair" at the next major update.
One on changing your regular front windows to the Vent windows everyone likes, another on giving your
Rabbit a full 30K tune up. Belive me its more then plugs anf an air filter. And a "mystery video". And I have
revamped the more about me area. Check there to hear how the VW bug infected me, and how that plus
my life in general led me to build The Rusty Rabbit.
One more thing, I'm in the market for a VW Pickup shell. I just need the shell, as I have plans of my own for
the Beast. If anyone has a truck with out a motor, or trans, or tailgate, or lights, or anything else, I want it !

11-27-05 Well, I hope everyone ate way too much over the Thanks Giving holiday. And to all you outside
of America, your really missing out on a good one! Just a quick update to the site to work out a few bugs.

10-31-05 Happy Halloween! Check out the VW Postergirl Pages, There 4 new pages to scan. And
speaking of scanners,
I've added the entire 1980 VW Rabbit C Gas Owners manual to the VW Brochure Archive page. I'm also
about 1/2 way through a new series of self help videos that aim to get you and your Rabbit on the same
level. Part 1 is a overview of the CIS, and CIS-E fuel systems. Part two deals with Emission control
devices found on your MK-1 car, and part three is Ignition systems, both points, and electronic. Later on,
I'll get even further into your Rabbit, and take time to make a video on each component, and its relation to
your cars running condition, and how to diagnose problems. Basically when I'm done there will be a
complete VW Rabbit engine Repair series on the web so the average do it yourselfer, can log on, watch a
how-to video, then go out, diagnose, and fix there own car! Please take the time to fill out the
questionnaire in the New VW Rabbit forums section of the site. It will give me a better idea of who is
visiting, and what they are driving.

10-27-05 Almost Halloween! And to celebrate...... The Rusty Rabbit is now loaded up with a new
Forums area! Check it out via the main page. I've also added a new VW link to "The Rabbit Club" A
nice site with lots of goodies. And of course a few new pictures sprinkled in around the site. Hope
everyone can get some use out of the forums, After all I'm a Mechanic, not a Web page maker
dammit! It took all my mouse hand skills to paste and cut and paste and cut and ... Well you get it.
Enjoy the site, and maybe you'll pick up a new hobby or 2 when you see my other interests section.
Oh ya, one more thing, If you like beer, (and you'd better) then you'll like what I have decided is the
all time oldest and coolest Beer anthem EVER. Click here to hear it.

10-18-05 TADA ! More updates. There is a new page of VW poster girl... I begged hard enough, and
it has worked. So check them out. The truck is doing fine, but the body is suffering from minor rust
break through. I guess I'll have to deal with it sooner rather then later... Also the Passenger rear
drum locked up the other day when I left the brake on for full week with out driving it. DAMN that was
a pain in the ass. All the kicking and bumping wouldn't get it free. I ended up removing the tire and
hammering on the drum before it let go. That will teach me not to drive it all week!
I also added some new links. The Swallowtail preservation page is super cool. And a info site with all
kinds of tip and tricks for VW's. I also added the "NEW" web page for the place that I work P&A
Smith Auto. You may notice its kinda like this site.... Thats because I built it, and as I've said before.
"I'm a Mechanic, not a web page designer dammit! " Anyway enjoy the site, There may be a new
movie or two up in the near future, so check back soon!

10-05-05 Ohh hell. Its almost Halloween. Here at the Rusty Rabbit we take that sort of thing
Click here to see this years costume for Me and "The Wife"
The Site continues to grow little by little, with a Store section now open, and more adds added to the
adds section. Plus a few more pictures. The 79 Silver car is seeing more attention lately, as the
weather has finally cooled down to the 80's I plan on painting her this winter, and that will just about
end the project. All she needs is paint, front wheel bearings, and tires. Not a lot left. I'm in
Negotiations with a local Diesel fan to buy a original 1979 VW 2 Dr Rabbit 1.5 American made car. It
even has A/C! But like all early rabbits It needs Wiring work, and a bunch of other goodies.... Can
anyone say Project 06-07?

Stay tuned!

9-25-05 Update! Well, Its been a crazy month, But its almost at a close. The Rusty Rabbit is still a
big hit with the VW crowd, and I'm Very happy to say, that this month....We're the #1 VW Rabbit site
in the Yahoo Search Engine!!!  I couldn't freaking believe it. I typed in VW Rabbit, and Pow! There It
was... WOW...
Anyway, A few Minor updates this month, mostly cosmetic, and spelling related, but there are a few
new pictures, and some other upgrades. I hope everyone enjoys the "Newer" layout for the photos,
and The Still newish Section on VW A-1/Mk1 Ads and brochures. PLEASE if you have an Ad, or
Brochure not listed here SEND IT TO ME. I received 1 new one so far, but there are still like 20
floating around out there. If you've never been there check out www.vwvortex.com It it the biggest
VW related forum site out there, and I have found a few new friends on it, also has A section for
buy/sell VW rabbits! And speaking of that I get at least 3 E-mails a week from nice people asking me
if I have any VW Rabbits or Trucks forsale. I DON'T!
I have sold a few Rabbits, and 1 Truck on this site, but I don't have any right now, and when I do,
You will all be the first to know what it is, what I'm doing with it, and If I'm selling it. I also apologise
for not returning E-Mails right away. It can take up to 3 weeks for me to get to all the responses, but
if its a running problem, I try to get back in 2 days or less.
 Thanks Everyone for making THE RUSTY RABBIT #1 on Yahoo!

9-21-05 Update! I've added another VW Poster Girl page. Just one photo, but maybe the sender will
send more!

9-11-05 Well, Its been 4 years since the attack at the towers. Scum still runs rampant in this world.  It
always has, and always will. But Thanks to our Men and Women who choose to put on the uniform
of the American Military, we have avoided another "9-11" Life is good for most of us here in America,
try to remember that.
Times will be tough ahead, they have been tough before. Life will get better, then worse then better
again. It is the cycle of life. If 4 planes can be used to destroy such huge buildings. Imagine what a
determined maniac can do with a atomic weapon. We will prevail, for we must, or we shall perish as
the world falls into the flames of chaos and anarchy. Could we possibly let this happen here? To the
1/2 Million Troops the US has in reserves, and on active duty. Today is your day, 9-11 will always
be our generations Veterans day. Good luck out there in the 3rd world. From one old war horse to all
others...Come home safe.

9-01-05 Just A personal note... My good Army, and Personal friend SGT 1st class. Bryan Johnson is
almost done with his training to become a Warrant officer.  Huuuaaa! Private! Now beat your damn
face, and feed your new child while your at it. Congrats on both.... Now buy a Rabbit so I can teach
you the ways of the VW force!